Learn to Innovate

Learn to Innovate brings a fresh,  experimental and experiential approach to learning about innovation.

Leeds based author Max McKeown has spent the last few years studying the literature on innovation and distilling down the core of what he believes ‘every innovator needs to know’.

Innovate to learn is:

  • part book club, where we will read a chapter of Max’s book every week,
  • part learning set, where you will meet with others for an hour each week for 6 weeks to discuss what you have learned with peers and
  • part exploration, where each week you will be given another short piece to read to deepen your thinking

Above all this will be about taking the ideas, putting them to work and sharing our learning. It wont just be a load of old theory!


  1. You will be asked to buy a copy of the book (this will be the price of admission to the programme)
  2. You will be expected to attend a one hour workshop every week for 6 weeks
  3. You will have to find around an additional hour to do further reading each week